Tuesday, July 07, 2015


GAPP (Guided Assistance to Permanent Housing Program) Thank You Letters

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to SPIN and everyone involved with the program. SPIN has truly been a life changing gift. When I first heard about the program it seemed too good to be true.
Luckily for me and my son, all of it was true and more. The day that I was accepted into the program my life started on a fresh, positive path. It is amazing how in just two weeks time I had a place to call my own and food in my refrigerator and a fresh start with a lot of help to back me up. There really are no words to express the gratitude for all that SPIN has done and continues to do. I know that I have a chance to succeed that I might not have had otherwise. I am truly thankful everyday for what SPIN has done for me this past year. 
All I can say is thank you a million times over. I can only hope that one day I will be able to positively impact someone’s life the same way SPIN has impacted my life and my son’s life.
Sincerely, Sarah
The GAPP program has helped me achieve self sufficiency. I exited a shelter with a lot of knowledge and with no county assisted aid. GAPP has helped me stay off government assisted help and achieve longer term goals and gain permanent custody of my son which hadn’t been in my care for almost 4yrs. I have accomplished goals I didn’t think were possible. I have sustained a home for myself and my 2 children for almost a year now and have managed to keep my son in sports and spend quality time with my daughter. I have maintained a quality of life that is priceless in so many ways because of SPIN and the support my case manager have given me.
Thank you, Mary
The GAPP program is a fantastic opportunity that has helped me to continue building a foundation and start the structure of my family’s future. It has helped me to provide a stable home for Christina where she's growing and flourishing. Christina and I had a very merry and blessed Christmas in part due to the wonderful contributions that we received. It enables me to have peace of mind so I can concentrate on finding ways that would further help our future. I'm so grateful for the help I'm receiving.
Best regards, Stacey
The GAPP program combined with my twelve step program has given me a life beyond my wildest expectations! I have my family in my life, my mom in my corner, my kids' respect, and a continuing long list of mentors and quality friends that can go on for pages which include, but not limited to the entire staff of SPIN/GAPP. I have peace of mind and a taste of sanity . . . I have a life. Today, I have 3 years clean, 3 years with a job, 3 years out of prison, 3 years with my kids, 3 years of a lot of stuff! These 3 years of stuff started when 3 years ago SPIN/GAPP took a chance on me and gave me help, counselors, encouragement, and the tools I needed to be able to climb out of my shell and be able to show myself and the world a glimpse of my potential. Today I have ambition and a purpose in life. Thank you for taking a chance on me, I appreciate everything you have done. My mother, my kids, my girlfriend, my friends, the Orange County judicial system, etc. etc. THANK YOU! You can’t put a price on a “life” which is what you have given me, but what I can do to repay you is to continue in my progress and never look back...Continue, climb, and progress!
Warm Regards, Andrew

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