$1,000 monthly
$33.33 daily

Will provide family counseling with a licensed Professional

$16.50 daily

Will provide six month’s rent and support services for a homeless family (Includes move-in costs to housing, transportation, childcare during work hours, counseling and case management)

$100 monthly
$3.33 daily

Client Support Services: job development, counseling, daycare, etc.

$60 monthly
$2 daily

Will provide meals, hygiene kits, blankets, bus coupons, warm clothing, referrals to needed services, etc.

$30 monthly
$1 daily

Will provide 18 meals each month to homeless individuals

Giving Guide

We think you should be able to choose exactly where your money goes. Our gift guide gives you the option to select a need that is close to your heart.

Moves a Family Into Housing
Job re-entry and Education
Medical or Dental Assistance
Counseling with a licensed Professional
Car Repairs
Food for SPIN's Pantry
Fuel for SPIN Van