SPIN has served over 74,000 families and individuals in Orange County since its inception in 1987.

SPIN was founded in 1987 by Sam Boyce and six friends who wanted to help the homeless of Orange County. Each week, they passed out food and asked questions trying to determine what had brought these families and individuals to these circumstances. Time and time again, the volunteers received the same responses: “I lost my job and couldn’t pay the rent, so I was evicted,” or, “Even though I have a job, I cannot get the money together to pay the move-in costs for housing.” “My family and friends want nothing more to do with me.” Today, as housing prices continue to rise, the need for access remains high, and SPIN is more committed than ever to helping individuals and families reach self-sufficiency.

SPIN Tax ID: 33-0329687


SPIN’s programs work! SPIN is committed to giving people a hand-up, not a hand-out. SPIN is known for the quality of its programs and the outstanding success rate it has achieved with its clients. In 2016, 92% of SPIN’s clients were successful in becoming self-sufficient and independent of all public support.

SPIN is audited each year by an independent auditor, has had no recommendations in the Management Letter, and has received the highest points from funders who have reviewed it. In addition, because SPIN is the recipient of United Way grants, our annual audits are also reviewed by three CPA’s from local firms in this area.


Charlie Granville

Chairman & President
Corporate Vice President of Finance
Granville Executive Consulting

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Vice-Chairman of the Board
Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.

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Managing Director
First Republic Wealth Management

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Christine C. Weiner, A Professional Law Corporation


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Irrelevant Week President


Former Chairman of the Board

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Tri-Circle Financial Strategies

Kenneth A. Ryder

Garret Stiepel Ryder LLP


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Former Chairman and President

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Pacific Western Bank


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Executive Director

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GAPP Case Manager

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