Serving People In Need (“SPIN”)

Guided Assistance to Permanent Placement Housing Program (“GAPP”)

Privacy Policy

SPIN’s staff collects personal information directly from the client as required by law or required by organizations that give us money to operate the GAPP Program. Other personal information collected is important to run the GAPP Program, to improve services for our clients, and to better understand the needs of our clients. SPIN’s staff only collects information that is considered to be appropriate.  Clients have the right to not answer any questions, unless entry into the GAPP Program requires it.  Clients have the right to privacy and the right to confidentiality.  Only staff who work directly with clients or who have administrative responsibilities have access to client information.  Each client must complete a “Release and Exchange of Confidential Information” consent form during the application process.  No information will be released to another individual or organization without this signed written consent.   A copy of the signed ““Release and Exchange of Confidential Information” consent form will be provided to the client upon request.  The client has the right to request access to their client records.  Client records are maintained for 7 years after the date of the last use.  After 7 years, client records are destroyed via an appropriate destruction method as required to maintain client privacy and confidentiality.

The GAPP Program’s Privacy Policy may be amended at any time and the amendment(s) may affect information obtained by the staff before the date of the change. An amendment to the Privacy Policy regarding use or disclosure will be effective with respect to information processed before the amendment, unless otherwise stated.  A copy of this policy is available upon request.

Privacy Policy effective date:  12/31/15