SPIN Featured in the Daily Pilot

A recent article in The Daily Pilot by B.W. Cook highlights SPIN’s work in Orange County, calling attention to SPIN’s success in placing 517 Orange County adults and children in our housing program last year and the generous supporters who help make this possible.

“According to SPIN Executive Director Jean Wegener, the task has become exponentially more challenging because finding clean, safe affordable housing is nothing short of Herculean. Despite this roadblock, they succeed, and every one of those 517 people assisted were placed in secure housing, as well as being counseled and guided on employment, health, hygiene, financial management and other matters so that once placed in housing they would have the tools to succeed, become self-sufficient and restore their lives with dignity. SPIN proudly demonstrates a documented rate of success in the high 90% range.”

We owe this success to our many incredible supporters, especially Keith and Florence Smith, our presenting sponsors at our recent Oktoberfest gala. They were also featured in the article:

“The success was made possible in great part by SPIN’s dedicated underwriters, with special appreciation paid to presenting sponsors Keith and Florence Smith of Newport Beach. Over some 20 years of involvement with SPIN, the Smiths have contributed upward of a half million dollars, making them the single-largest donors, literally responsible for housing many people they will never know and who will never know them.”

We are so thankful for this support, which allows SPIN to continuing providing these much needed services to our clients. Read the full article here.