The Crowd: SPIN Provides Help for the Homeless

The following article highlighting SPIN’s work and 2016 fundraiser appeared in the Los Angeles Times Daily Pilot on Nov. 3, 2016.

One of the great ironies in modern American society is the massive homeless population that exists in part due to the collateral damage stemming from an over-increasing culture of prosperity. It seems that the more some have, the less a corresponding population has.

The numbers can be numbing. In the O.C., it is estimated that some quarter million citizens below the poverty line lack proper food, shelter and the basics for sustaining life. This number includes children.

Ask yourself: What would you do if you and your children were faced with eviction, without other means of support? It would be bad enough as an adult, but with children, the responsibility is daunting. Moreover, consider the emotional impact on a child losing the security of a bed, clothing, personal items and toys. The back seat of the car will not store a great deal, especially when it doubles as living quarters.

A recent economic forecast reported that a family living in the O.C. needs to earn an annual salary of $60,000 in order to afford a decent two-bedroom apartment. Reality check: A vast majority of the population earns half that amount annually.

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